Lord of the Isles

session 1

The party was hired as guards for a traveling merchant. Having stopped to rest at an inn, the group encountered another merchant’s party. During the night, the inn was attacked by skeletons covered in a gel like substance. The merchant the group was guarding was slain during the attack. The other merchant the group had encountered was under suspicion from his guards of being behind the attack. Not trusting his current guards, the merchant hired on the party in order to further protect himself. As the group traveled west to the city of Carcosa, they encountered a stretch of the road that was flooded. They were given the choice of traveling into the hills and face possible bandit attacks or continue on through the water. The party chose to continue through the water where they encountered three aquatic lizards. during the encounter, Bob was seized by one of the lizards and had his spine broken. He also became infected by the disease laden bite of one of the lizards.



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